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What is Electrolysis?

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Electrolysis is the destruction of the hair follicle using galvanic current, high frequency current (short wave or thermolysis) or the two available together known as the blend.


Galvanic current is the destruction of the hair follicle by a chemical action. The galvanic current combined with moisture in the hair follicle produces lye, which  a caustic substance that will damage the hair follicle.


High frequency current is a fast acting current that destroys the hair root by a heating action.


The blend is the two currents combined, the galvanic current first produces the lye in the hair follicle and then the high frequency current heats up the lye to damage the hair root.


How is Electrolysis performed?

A trained electrologist will insert a tiny probe, which is the same diameter as the hair, into the hair follicle. You should not feel the insertion because the electrologist is simply sliding the probe alongside the hair into the follicle. Once the probe is inserted to the root, the electrologist will deliver energy to the root to damage the hair follicle.

How painful is electrolysis?

A popular question I receive is how painful is the treatment going to be? You must remember I am destroying tissue, so yes, you will feel it. Technology has changed and has made electrolysis treatments much more tolerable. If you would like to make your treatments more comfortable, you are more than welcome to take pain killers, and/or apply a topical anesthetic. Those two combined will make the treatment much more tolerable. I do not apply, nor do I sell topical anesthetics. If you are interested, please consult with your doctor regarding a prescription or you may buy an over the counter product and apply the product before your appointment. 

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Laser vs Electrolysis

I am definitely not against laser, I myself have never had it. I have heard stories of people that have received outstanding results, and then other that ended up with more hair than what they started with. The problem with laser is that it is neither permanent nor consistent and it is unable to "see" blond hair. With electrolysis, I am the one looking at the hair, not the machine. If I can see it, I can remove it. For some people though, the light of the laser tends to stimulate hair growth in hormonal areas. My suggestion for clients thinking about getting laser on their faces would definitely be to see an electrologist first. You don't know what the outcome might be, be careful, you don't want to make a bad situation worse. The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is light skin and dark hair. Electrolysis is approved by the FDA to remove all types of hair, regardless of hair and skin contrast.

How many appointments
before the hair is permanently removed?

There is no definite amount of appointments needed to have the hair in the desired area permanently removed. There are many factors that contribute to hair growth such as medications, hormones, stress, and previous methods of hair removal. No two areas are identical in the amount of time it takes to remove the hair. I tell my clients to be prepared to commit to the treatment for at least two years.

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