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Financial Investment for General Areas

        Intake Appointment (45 Minutes)              

The Intake Appointment is for all new clients who have never received electrolysis treatments before.

Includes in depth explanation of electrolysis, reviewing your health history and discussing pre and post care. Also includes a test treatment for 15 minutes. 

Includes a digital Welcome Packet.


General Area treatments


15 Minutes         $45


30 Minutes        $70


45 Minutes        $95


60 Minutes       $140 


75 Minutes        $185

90 Minutes       $210     

Packages for General Area Treatments

4 hour                     $532 (5% off hourly rate)



7 hour                     $906 (7.5% off hourly rate)

10 hour                    $1,260 (10% off hourly rate)

Brazilian treatments are no longer offered. Please no inquiries regarding making exceptions for Brazilian Treatments.

Any such inquiries will be denied.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds on services rendered 

Once a package is purchased there are no refunds. This is to ensure you receive permanent results and stay committed to your treatments. Please carefully consider the financial commitment prior to purchasing a package.

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